The Metabolism Programme

The healthy & active metabolism program is an innovative nutritional program, aimed at boosting your metabolism. It's not another new diet with powders, medication or calorie counting. Healthy & active optimises your metabolism, harmonises your hormone levels and activates your immune system The result is an ideal body weight while also increasing your sense of well-being.

Following an extensive metabolic analysis (using results from 42 different blood values), and involving the blood group and data concerning eating habits and personal health, your own individual nutritional plan can be created with the goal of optimizing your metabolism.


The basis of healthy & active , the metabolism program is optimal nutrition determined through a metabolic analysis. Proper nutrition is the key to better health and well-being. The program enables you to reach your desired weight goal without going hungry, taking medication or expensive powders.

FACTS about Healthy and Active

• Established 7 years ago in Germany
• Used by more than 1000 healthcare practitioners in Europe and Canada
• About 10% of all naturopathic doctors in Canada use
• Healthy and Active in their practice
• More than 100,000 nutritional plans created
• Approximately 720,000 Kg of weight lost


Metabolism Programme

•  Metabolic analysis (42 blood test results)

•  Blood type analysis

•  Present weight and weight goal

•  State of health and healthy eating

•  Personal information: state of health and eating habits

•  One to one consultations and follow ups

•  Personal nutritional program to optimise YOUR metabolism


Bio Impedance Analysis

•  State of the art technology that is bettered by no other sytem.

•  Whole body analysis rather than legs or arms

•  Determination of the metabolic state of the patient

•  Cell distribution test

•  Measures body fat, total water content along with muscle mass

•  Cell nutritional state is evaluated

•  Very effective progress monitor

•  Effective and Accurate

•  Quick, preparation requires no more than 10 minutes prior to testing.

•  Patients reports generated

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If there is any deficiency in food or exercise, the body will fall sick. Hippocrates 480 B.C.