Who We Are

What we are and what sets the NUTRITION SOLUTION above other regimes is that we

• Are experienced fully qualified and insured nutritional therapists and consultants expert in the
   all fields of nutritional therapy, counselling, stress and lifestyle management
• We use a complete nutritional analysis and full lifestyle management
• We recognise and honour each persons unique individuality
• We establish an individual’s unique metabolic profile and based upon which we…
• We recognise there is a whole person not just a symptom that needs support.
• Provide a list of hundreds of appropriate foods for a varied balanced and exciting regimen and
   examples of exciting recipes and food ideas.
We don’t count calories
• Nutritional Supplements are not part of the main programme and we prefer to achieve results
    through diet alone
   unless the test results imply some necessity ofr additional support.
• We support an individual to achieve a true lifestyle regime (diet) by…
• Supporting to achieve positive changes to their mental, and emotional outlooks.
• Education and support in all of the above.
• Establish the healthy status of the glands that underpin body metabolism.
• Establish inhibiting factors that may ordinarily prevent weight loss and health.
• Offer incredible value for money.
• Availability of support staff.
• Obtain discounted rates for clients for exercise machines, juicers supplements and additional
    laboratory tests

"Although I eat less I can't seem to lose weight"

The boom in diets has lead to a vast range of diets all available on your local book store shelves. But is this educational? Simply it creates more confusion as you are faced with choosing from diet plans such as The Atkins Diet, Cabbage soup, F-Plan, Hay, Pritikin, South Beach, and Zone amongst many.

What are you faced with? Diets which recommend eating raw foods, high fat, low fat, high carbs, low carbs, high protein, low protein, food combining and so much more.

Does this help you? Not really because how do you choose what is the RIGHT DIET FOR YOU? Each and every diet plan lays claim to unparalleled success all laid out through anecdotal evidence by the authors. In all of the books and plans studied what evidence is there of all of those persons who have avidly followed the latest guru and have failed?

There is a common thread that runs through each and every diet plan and that is “this diet is right for you” it purports a one size fits all scenario, that this diet will work for each and every one of us who cares to follow the instructions and recipes. This assumes we are all the same.

Don't dig your grave with your own knife and fork. - English Proverb