The Process (3 steps to success)

Step 1

Establish the Metabolic Type through

• Metabolic Analysis of over 42 blood test values including Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, Enzymes, Blood Cell analysis,
   Minerals, Electrolytes, Thyroid Hormones and Protein
• Detailed health and lifestyle questionnaires
• BIA analysis of body constituents of fat and water content

Step 2

One to One Consultation (90 minutes)

• Analysis of the tests
• Produce a detailed report which is educational, informative and establishes what foods are right for your
   metabolic type.
• Variety of foods. Allowing you to retain control, and through variety creating “the spice of life”.
• Clearly defined protocols for the 3 stages
• Full Bio Impedance Analysis of body composition, weight, fat and water content.
• Exercise programme advice

Step 3

FOLLOW UP (30-60 minutes)

• We monitor your progress regularly through diet check records and telephone conversations.
• We suggest 2 follow up monthly consultations monthly for further BIA measurements so progress can be
   established graphically.

• More detailed follow up tests and retests of values can be arranged upon request

If there is any deficiency in food or exercise, the body will fall sick. Hippocrates 480 B.C.